You don’t need to be the best writer to succeed with content marketing and get tons of organic traffic to your website. But you do need to understand your reader.

MAY 22, 2020


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While the content on your website is essential for SEO, not just any type of written word will do the trick.

For people to want to read what you write, it has to be useful and interesting.

The goal of all content is engagement. You must create something interesting and valuable so that people stop scrolling and click on your link.

Once on your website, your visitors must want to keep reading. Your copy, must be informative, fresh, and most of all, interesting.

With the right flow distributed throughout your virtual voice, you can not only boost your brand and drive traffic to your website but also deliver a lasting impression.

Here are the 3 copywriting tips that will help you produce quality content your site visitors want to read and will return to your site and content again and again:

1. Focus on Your Audience

The driving force behind your content should always be your audience. 

What do they need to know? What are they asking questions about?

If you understand your audience, you can deliver relevant content more effectively.

Research in 2020 shows that 64% of customers continue a relationship with a single brand because they share the same values. Know your audience and who you are speaking to, and how your company reflects its values helps create lasting relationships. 

Don’t be afraid to share your company’s personality. Brands that have a consistent voice in their writing create a better impression with prospects and customers.

2. Fulfill a Need

The easiest way to come up with a winning content strategy is to focus on your customer needs. 

Create written, video and audio content that answers questions gives them insights and makes them feel like you are the go-to company (or person) for what they need.

Think of the content you provide as a resource to consumers. Simply producing content for the sake of having an updated blog is not enough. Make your content relevant to your brand and your website. 

Writing insightful, useful articles that serve a purpose can reinforce your brand as well as strengthen your authority in your field.

3. Don’t Just Write for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the number one reason for creating new content. This is a misconception.

Only create content with keywords in mind, and soon enough Google will figure it out. What you write has to make sense, and to have some value for the readers. If visitors to your site are simply clicking off the page, Google will know and start to downgrade your rankings. 

Having excellent content can be a great way to boost your website rankings, but flooding your content with search terms actually decreases its value. If a keyword makes sense in terms of the natural context, then, by all means, add it in. But if it’s a stretch to have a keyword in the article, then leave it out.

Over time, good quality website copywriting will rank higher than attempting to use black hat methods.

Pacific & Lord

In conclusion, remember that content should be useful and insightful first, and that will make it rank successfully in the search engines. There is no easy fix for creating valuable content. It takes work, and time to grow, but the effort and patience are worth it.



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