How important is Local SEO for my business? 

If you’re interested in starting a business, whether it’s your own or for someone else, there are chances that you’ve at least heard or read about SEO.  If you have a located business in Atlanta we can help you to gain local visibility and reach your local customers with our Atlanta Local SEO Services.

Atlanta Local SEO Services Pacific & Lord


What happens if you don’t do SEO?

  • You will lose a valuable amount of organic traffic

An effective SEO strategy will increase your website’s organic traffic. While it’s true that you’re going to rank “somewhere” with search engines whether you devote any means to SEO or not, the position of that ranking matters from a traffic point of view. Although statistics are continually changing, we have enough data about how users behave on Google behaviors to say that 60% of clicks go to the top 3 listings of a search engine results page and that about 75% of buyers never bother clicking past the first page of results. Chances are they’ll either discover what they’re searching for or attempt a distinct search.

It is not hard to gain a priority ranking spot without a certain effort on SEO. This means that there’s an undoubtedly great chance that you’re going to miss out on huge amounts of traffic, which translates immediately to fail to win in competition.
Do you know who won’t be missing out on traffic or revenue? Your competitors, which leads us straight to our next point.

  • You’ll lose the race with your competitors

Even with the importance of a digital presence having awareness, it’s still not all that uncommon for a small, local business to realize that SEO just isn’t worth the time and effort. After all, they’re working on a smaller scale and they’re not all that concerned about the competition down the street. But they should be.
You can’t assume that your competitors aren’t invested in SEO just because they’re small like you. In fact, small businesses are often the ones who benefit most from a targeted SEO strategy. Even small actions, like optimizing a Google My Business page for local SEO returns exponential dividends to the businesses that make an effort.

The idea is that your audience is almost always going to look online before visiting a new location. If they spot your competitors first because you’re nowhere to be found, even in local search results, then you’ve just lost a major competitive advantage. Also, keep in mind that local customers like to remain loyal to businesses, so the chances of winning them over decrease dramatically each time they visit your competitor.

If your Atlanta business needs Local SEO Services please contact Pacific & Lord – A Digital Marketing Agency to receive a customized streamlined SEO Strategy.

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