When it comes to digital marketing there's a lot of confusion involved. What is digital marketing? What is digital presence? What is it for? People make it a lot more complicated than it really is. Digital marketing and your brand's presence is any effort to spread the word about your company that uses the Internet to reach people, ‘to show your business online’.

JUN 4, 2020


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What Is Digital Presence: 5 Ways To Boost Your Digital Presence Right Now

Basically, it’s anything that you do online to get more eyeballs on you, grab people’s attention, and hopefully, at some point, get them to buy from you. Generating digital presence is really easy with the help of resources like a website, social media platforms, business directory listing, customer reviews and other online sources.

Top 7 List of things which help to build Digital Presence for your business

  1. Create An Online Website
  2. Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit and more…)
  3. Business Listing (Google My Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and more..)
  4. Business Location Listing (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps and more..)
  5. Participating Online Question-Answer Sites (Quora, StackExchange, Yahoo Answers and more..)
  6. Local Directory Listing (YellowPages, Whitepages, Foursquare, and more…)
  7. Digital Advertising (Google Ads, FB-Insta Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, AdMob and more…)

You’ve probably developed a solid digital marketing strategy that works for your current goals, but it’s always worth investing some extra time and effort into future proofing your marketing strategy. As you develop your content marketing strategy, the following tips can help you be more successful and discover new ways of connecting with your target audience:

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Digital Presence – Customer Persona

1. Invest in Customer Persona Research

How well do you know your core customers? Do you have an idea of the types of customers you’d like to reach but haven’t connected with as strongly just yet? Customer persona research could be one of your most valuable marketing investments. Effective user research can provide you with a better understanding of your target market’s wants and needs, help you develop content that’s more precisely targeted toward their interests and goals, and understand your place in your niche more clearly.

Questionnaires, surveys, usability tests, and A/B testing can all provide valuable insights into your target customers. Develop several customer personas using the data you’ve gathered over time to determine who your best customers are, how they spend their time online, and the best ways to reach them with effective marketing campaigns.

Digital Presence – Social Media Platforms

If you’re serious about internet marketing, then you need to step up your social media game.

Research in 2019 shows that over half of the world’s population is now on social media—an increase of 9% over 2018.

But far too many marketers create ineffective social media strategies that only turn away followers instead of winning them over.

2. Expand to New Social Media Platforms

Almost every business has a Facebook profile by now, but other social media outlets can be fantastic for connecting with different audiences. Instagram and Snapchat can be ideal places to display new products and upload video content snippets. They’re also great for photo content, and Twitter is the go-to place for hot stories and the latest news updates.

Determine where your target customers spend their time using social media and try to cultivate followings. Spend some time fleshing out customer profiles and determine which social media platforms are most likely to appeal to them. This is yet another reason why thorough user research is such an effective tool for strategizing.

Digital Presence – Brand Authority

3. Increase Your Brand’s Authority

Does your audience know they can rely on you for the latest industry news? Do they regularly comment on your blog posts to tell you how informative and valuable they are? Brand authority builds as you connect more deeply with your audience. When you consistently provide your audience with relevant content and prove you know what you’re talking about, you inherently build authority.

Your brand authority also has a significant impact on SEO, so look for opportunities to prove your place as an industry leader. For example, if you publish content to your blog and simply list your contributing authors as “staff” without creating fleshed-out author bios for them, this is a big missed opportunity to build your authority and earn some easy SEO points under the new EAT update.

Digital Presence – Voice Search

Nothing moves quite as fast as the digital marketing world.

Every year, and sometimes every week, there seems to be a new invention or iteration that’s changing the landscape marketers have grown accustomed to.

One year, the rage was blog content. Then, it was video content. And now, it’s live video.

To give you another, a current change that the world of SEO is experiencing comes in the form of voice search.

4. Start Leveraging Voice Search and Planning for SEO

Voice search hasn’t been the primary form of searching online. After all, if your hands are free, you’re probably just going to type your search into Google the old-fashioned way.

For people who do use voice search, though, there are a few different devices they can use. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google’s voice search are some of the most popular options.

Search engines are getting smarter, and the newest set of updates for Google includes BERT, the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This new system is a natural language processor (NLP) system designed to more accurately interpret user searches, especially voice searches that typically entail more longtail keywords and filler words.

While you have likely already adapted a mobile-first approach when it comes to web development and content creation, make sure to carry those lessons over to prepare for the surging number of voice searches. Start looking for ways to incorporate more NLP SEO elements, such as longtail keywords and more fleshed-out keyword strings with filler words that users will likely speak into their devices to perform voice searches.

Digital Presence – Video Creation

Over 4.5 million blog posts were written today.

The market is flooded with blog articles. So how does your content have a chance of standing out?

While blog competition increases, click-throughs on display ads have continued to decrease. In fact, the average click-through rate of display ads is a staggeringly low 0.05%.

Video marketing may be the solution to let your content shine. Video marketing is a solution that everyone can use successfully. Gone are the days of needing to hire a whole video department in order to create professional videos.

5. Invest in Video Content Creation

Video content holds incredible potential for virtually any brand. How-to videos, product demonstrations, facility tours, “meet the team” interviews, and behind-the-scenes showcases are all possibilities. Video content is also highly shareable, so this can be a great way to boost your social media presence, too.

Every brand is different, and every market niche is different.

Consumer tastes and behaviors are constantly changing, and it can feel like a battle of attrition to keep up with the rapidly changing rules of SEO and the shifting demands of your market. Planning ahead and anticipating the next moves may not always feel feasible, but the previously mentioned suggestions can help you stay ahead of the curve and create a more flexible, adaptable SEO strategy to kick-off right now!



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